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In order to meet Industry’s increasing demands related to Safety, Poseidon Marine Supplies in cooperation with Dräger Hellas, has launched the “Total Care” program. It is a revolutionary solution addressed to all the work areas (chemical industry, Tankers, LPG, LNG, oil companies, etc) that under international and national laws are obliged, to comply with the relevant Safety Measures for personal protection. More specifically, the advantages of “Total Care” are:

1. Unified gas detection systems. Therefore advanced ease of usage.
2. Continuous technical support. Our certified personnel trains your crew and employees for proper maintenance and calibration of the equipment as well as for proper usage of the devices. We also stand by 24/7 for any emerging queries.
3. Cut down expenses. No more unreasonable cost for device calibrations. No extra maintenance and spare part replacements cost.
4. Fixed annual costs per vessel throughout the duration of the contract.
5. One supplier, therefore one point of contact for the customer.

The “Total Care” program is the best cost effective solution for any type of industry that needs to operate a number of Gas Detectors even on daily basis.

Contact us today for a customized solution that adapts perfectly to your individual needs.

Alexander Kessar


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