oxy-k-30-50-soxy-k-30-hs hw

Dräger Oxy K Series

Oxygen Self-Rescuer

Escape units on the basis of solid oxygen. Respiratory protective device for use in hazardous
areas operating independently of the ambient air for self-rescue. Oxygen self-rescuers of the Dräger Oxy K series supply independent air for up to 30 / 50 minutes and offer a 10-year lifetime without maintenance. Suitable for the temperature classes T1 – T4.

- Dräger Oxy K 30/50 S, Oxy K 30 E: EN 13794
- Dräger Oxy K 30 HS/HW: DIN 58639, SOLAS II-2, Reg. 19, MED

Categories: All Products, Oxygen Devices, Personal Protection Equipment.
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