Dräger PSS® AirBoss

The Dräger PSS® AirBoss offers best in class ergonomics and is one of the lightest weight breathing apparatus for firefighting. Lessons learned from firefighters around the world as well as latest innovations in technology have led us to design an even safer and cleaner SCBA system that enables you to breathe more easily and for longer.

Excellent fit
The Dräger PSS AirBoss ergonomics significantly reduce the physical strain associated with carrying SCBAs. Some key features include height-adjustment, a pivoting and sliding waist belt, and an easily adjustable harness to fit every shape and size of firefighter. The durable space frame design offers you a low weight and low profile all the while maintaining the SCBA’s centre of gravity in an optimum position for greater weight distribution.

The PSS AirBoss comes with large reflective surfaces, thus increasing firefighters’ visibility as well as making it easier to locate team members in distress. When you equip the PSS AirBoss with a Personal Alert Safety System (PASS), it further increases this effect. It positions buddy lights at the front and back of the SCBA. Furthermore, the PASS draws attention to firefighters in distress by generating distinctive visual and acoustic alert signals – when motionless, when reaching low-air, experiencing high thermal stress or activating the manual distress signal.


Our state-of-the-art automatic accountability system, Dräger FireGround, supplies the incident commanders (IC) with live information from SCBA wearers –making sure that all SCBA wearers are accounted for at every incident.

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