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FU Hydraulic pullers

  • Wide range of models from 5 to 50 Tn suitable for most maintenance pulling applications.
  • Manufactured in high quality forged steel.
  • FU Universal Hydraulic Puller includes the hydraulic components and all mechanical components:
  • Hydraulic part: Includes cylinder, pump, hose, pressure gauge, gauge adaptor, male coupling and hollow saddle.
  • Mechanic part: Includes 2 Jaws puller (FX), 3 Jaws puller (FV) and Complete Cross Bearing puller (FZ) that includes: Simple Cross Bearing puller with long and short extension pieces (FT), Bearing Cup puller (FI) and Bearing puller (FR).
  • 2 jaw puller (FX), 3 jaw puller (FV), simple cross bearing puller (FT) and complete cross bearing puller (FZ) include hydraulic componentes and mechanical components.
  • The universal puller set FU, the jaw pullers, FX and FV, and the complete cross bearing puller FZ are delivered in a strong wooden box for ease of transport and storage.
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