Protekt TM 100 Tripod

Safety tripod from aluminium. Diameter on which tripod can be spread is from 173 to 271 cm. Simple and fast protection from falling of the rope from the head thanks to safety pins. In case of using the maximum spread of the tripod, its legs length can be extended 3 times which enable simple and safe installation of working rope on the head. New construction of the tripod foot with hole for chain attachment and bigger number of teeth guarantee better performance on slippery surface (ice or snow).

EN 795 Class B

Material: aluminium
Working load limit: 500 kg
Weight: 43 kg (with chain)

Technical data
Dimension: 119 x 75 cm
Transport dimension: 212 x 30 x 25 cm
Working height: 179 – 289 cm

Categories: All Products, Fall Protection, Personal Protection Equipment, Safety Tripods.
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