Regeltec FLEX & GRIP

The range of composite insulating gloves for working in full safety without leather protectors.
Manufactured according to the standards (EN-60903 & IEC-60903), the range has been created in taking into consideration the expectations from users. Then, the range FLEX & GRIP® is innovative in term of products, seeing that we propose :

  • One type of « low voltage» composite gloves for any live working under 1 000 volts : the FLEX & GRIP® BT/LV,
  • the class 1, tested to 10 000 volts for a maximum use voltage of 7500 volts
  • classes 2, 3 and 4 (respectively for the max. uses voltages of 17 000, 26 500 and 36000 volts), which the specification fully answer by the standards requirements (EN 60903:2003 et IEC 60903:2002)

FLEX & GRIP® is also innovative by the selection of raw materials which grant a good suppleness, in spite of the thickness required to protect entirely against the mechanical hazards. ln the same way, the chemical formula of the outside layer gives an exceptional « grip », even in wet conditions.

To reduce the effects of sweating, each pair of FLEX & GRIP® is sold with a pairs of cotton liner. Separated, the cotton liners may be replaced, thus limiting bacteriological problems associated with residual humidity caused by sweating.

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