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Our TRAINING ACADEMY offers useful courses that will enable office employees (Purchasing dpt, SQ, Technical, etc) to broaden their knowledge on everyday aspects of their job.  These courses will enable you to have a better understanding of the marine equipment you handle on a daily basis, and hence upgrade your communication skills with the crew and the suppliers and expand your knowledge on critical services and equipment that exist on-board. All courses are free of charge.


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Courses Program (duration 5:00 hrs)

Welcome and introduction (15min)

1. Lifeboats (45min) Types of lifeboats and services, Release gear, Electric, Davit & Winch check list

2. Gas Detectors (45min) Air mixture, Common dangers – toxic – flammable gases, Gas detection devices, Short term tubes

3. Personal Protective Equipment (45min) Masks, Chemical suits, LSA equipment, Breathing Aparatus, EEBDs, Medical Oxygen, Flares, Pyrotechnics

Coffee break (15min)

4. Life Rafts (45min) General Overview, Inside Details, Outside Details, Tests, Emergency packs

5. Fire Fighting Equipment (45min) Principles of Fire, Fire Extinguishers, Fixed Fire Suppression Systems 6. Questions

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