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“Total Care – Tubes” program is a revolutionary solution for the colorimetric measurement of dangerous gases. It guarantees an annual, fixed fee for the total amount of tubes you will need throughout the year. That means any surprising cost from non-calculated requirements in tubes is eliminated. The program also includes the one-off purchase of all the spare parts and the necessary pump devices like the Dräger X-act 5000, which is the only tube pump worldwide, designed for measurement and sampling of gases, vapors and aerosols in a distance of up to 30 meters. The pump operates automatically with great ease and an excellent degree of reliability and with its 30m hose, it complies perfectly with relevant regulations.

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With the “Total Care – Tubes” program you are joining a new era of gas measurement that is accurate, safe, cost-efficient and fully compliant with regulation requirements.


1. Total Care – Tubes adapts perfectly to your fleet’s individual needs for gas detection measurement.

2. You get the most revolutionary all-in-one pump that helps you make certified measurements up to 30mtrs simply, fail safe & faster.

3. A fixed annual fee per vessel helps you avoid any surprising costs.

4. No more detention penalties for code noncompliance when measurements exceed 15m.

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