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Knowing how demanding and challenging is to manage safety schedules for ship owners and their operators, POSEIDON Marine Supplies has developed the Total Safety Services.
Total Safety Services is a solution created to assist you on coordinating service plans and due dates efficiently and cost effectively, ensuring that your fleet’s Fire Fighting and Life Saving equipment is always serviced in-time according to the highest standards. Fixed pricing and worldwide coverage make Total Safety Services your trustworthy partner in safety code compliance and cost control.


Global technical support
Unique Quality System
One point of contact 24/7
Monitoring system – PORTAL web app access
Harmonization of due dates
Liability insurance
Fixed Cost, no surprises, extended network monitored by experts, standarized service, consistent reporting. 

Through our Online Certificate Portal you have: 24/7 access to your FRS equipment certificates, alerts and notification emails prior to the expiration date of your certificates, unlimited vessels, companies and users under one or more accounts.

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