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Firefighters are increasingly integrating Hostareline products into their response protocols in their rescue and relief operations, whatever their speciality (rescue, clearance, GRIMP, aquatic rescue, diving, etc.). Hostareline is used in galleries, tunnels, cellars, corridors, car parks and other dark and smoke-laden areas to search for possible victims or to mark the access path to the incident area.

The Hostareline meets a real operational need – that of creating a clear visual very quickly. The Hostareline is a resistant and reinforced light line that can be placed on the ground or hung on walls to mark, signal and guide. Used mainly in the dark, this solution is also effective in partially lit, closed smoke-filled areas.

Hostareline lines are reinforced enough to withstand various pulls and trampling during evacuation.

Mini Porter

The Mini Porter offers the highest reliability, ease of use and function employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. The Mini Porter offers a 360 degree maneuverability, roll & turn easily in any spaces, and move hoses safely even at the maximum rated capacity.

The mini porter is an assistance device for maneuvering fire hose in operations. These pipes generally range from 25 to 110mm for conventional missions. Because of the high pressure, the hose becomes much stiffer and more difficult to maneuver, especially since the length of hose deployed is important. The difficulties of maneuver are related to the stiffness of the pipe once under pressure on the one hand but also and especially to the weight of the pipe on the other hand.