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437 Complete Face Shield

The 437 Complet metal face shield has been designed to offer effective protection against the impacts of particle projections.

Manufactured to offer protection in forest work, gardening, felling and pruning, brushing or other related activities that require joint protection of the head, eyes, ears and face.

The set consists of:

  • 5-RG helmet: Electrically insulating helmet a voltage that does not exceed 1000 V in ac or 1500 V in dc, Low Voltage range. 6 anchor points and ratchet wheel adjustment.
  • 17-P Earmuff: 30 SNR. adjustable  to the different morphologies of the users.
  • Metal mesh visor: suitable for protection against the impact of particles projection.


EN 397: 2012
EN 1731:2006
EN 352-3: 2002