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CASA Low Intensity Obstruction Light

The new low intensity LED obstruction light specifically designed to comply with CASA LIOL requirements. This model can be used for marking the top of obstacles up to 45 metres or higher when used in-conjunction with other obstruction lighting solutions from Avlite Systems. Typical application would include telecommunication towers, cooling towers, wind turbines, buildings, cranes and other tall structures.Avlite’s new CASA Low Intensity Obstruction Light, has an advanced lighting optic that uses multiple high intensity LEDs for efficient operation. The obstruction light offers an ultra-bright light that is energy efficient and cost effective lighting solution.

The corrosion resistant, polycarbonate lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs to maximize light intensity and uniformity. The obstruction light is available in universal AC, DC and solar configurations with automatic day night operations and an alarm for remote monitoring making it the ideal product for remote locations or areas with limited access.