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Dielectric SA Boots

DIELECTRIC SA Boots (safety toe cap + anti-perforation mid-sole)
Electrically insulated boots that protect workers from risks of pace voltage during live work on alternative current of 33kV or less nominal voltage power supply network. The maximum voltage workers can be exposed to is about 10kV. The level of protection has been determined according to RTE rules (worker working on the ground at 1 meter minimum distance from a pole).
They are used when there is a risk of moisture impregnation on leather shoes.
Made of dielectric rubber.
100% of boots are tested.

Additional information

Comply with standards :

  • Specification EDF : HTA 70B ind. E
  • Dielectric test performed up to 100 mm from boot top
  • Maximum leakage current 7mA under 10kV AC
  • Tested according to ASTM F1116-14a
  • Dielectric test performed up to 63 mm from boot top
  • Individual test under 15kV AC (50Hz) during 1 minute

EN ISO 20345:2011 SBPE SRC

  • Perforation resistant (P)
  • Heel energy absorption (E)

EN 13287
Sole slip resistance (SRC) :

  • Ceramic floor
  • Steel floor


Product Datasheet