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Dräger DCD 5000

The Dräger DCD 5000 does not only enable an easy collection of saliva (oral fluid), you can also store the samples and send them to the laboratory for analysis – without the sample being falsified along the way.


Ultra filtrate of blood

Saliva is an established ultra filtrate in clinical chemical diagnostics. Saliva samples are approved as sample material for the detection and diagnostic analysis of substance abuse.

Check without interruptions

 The continuous check of sampling is facilitated with the method based on saliva, compared to urine sampling. Thereby, manipulation by the test person is eliminated.

Easy, clean and safe

The results of a pretest are confirmed reliably via a laboratory analysis. Storage, transport and recovery of the sample must not impair this result. The DCD 5000 sampling kit allows for this security.

Double sample

Combining two DCD 5000 samplers, it is very easy to collect two separate samples simultaneously. Afterwards, the samples can be separated and serviced separately, e.g. for transport and storage.


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