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Dräger Extension Hose – Accuro

This extension hose is an accessory of the Drager Gas Detection pump range.  This includes the Accuro Pump, the X-act 5000 pump and also the massive selection of short-term detection tubes.

Air quality can be tested in hard to reach places and also places where pre-entry checks should be carried out.  This may include applications with silo grains, sewers and drains and also tanks.

On either end of the extension hose there is an adapter and a tube holder assembly.  The adapter will allow a connection to be made between the pump and the hose and the tube holder assembly will create a tight fit between the Draeger short-term gas detection tube and the hose. If you are using a hose longer than the standard 3m then it’s important to note that correction factors or additional time to draw samples may be required.