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Dräger Flue gas analyser FG7500

Slim, even more robust, absolutely light and easy to grip, pleasant to hold – that’s the new Dräger FG7500, which is approved according to DIN EN 50379 part 1 and part 2.

Our intelligent, high-performance flue gas analyser for service and maintenance work on oil and gas firing systems impresses with its innovative technology. Because of its new design it can be easily operated with one hand.


New user interface

The high-resolution color touchscreen with the new operating concept ensures easy handling. The device software forms an optimal unit with our app Dräger mCon. This makes it easier to process the measurement results.

Bluetooth LE

Optimal connectivity to the smartphone or tablet.

Robust housing

The further developed housing is robust and yet slim and light. This enables pleasant one-handed operation.


The preconditioner is protected in the device. Thanks to an innovative plug-in system, it is very easy to install and remove, so that the filter material can be cleaned and replaced quickly.

New connection technology for pressure measurements

The new bayonet connections guarantee an even easier connection with the accessories.

Probe system

The probe system ensures easy handling and a secure connection. The LED shows the optimal position in the core stream.

Color touchscreen

As with the smartphone, scrolling lists, buttons and windows are conveniently controlled with tap and swipe gestures.

Visual chart recorder

It allows the comparison of three selectable measured values during exhaust gas measurement in real time


Product Datasheet Operating Instructions