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Dräger PAS® MAC Series

Available in electric- or diesel-driven versions, each of the four models is fully compatible with Dräger compressed air and airline breathing equipment.

Providing continuous breathing quality air to safety professionals in the harshest of environments, these Mobile Breathing Air Compressors meet the needs of single or multiple users over long durations.


Rugged and reliable in severe conditions

Used throughout industry by power stations, water authorities, fire brigades and the armed forces, the Dräger range of mobile breathing air compressors is equally at home in the nuclear and petrochemical industries, as well as gas distribution, oil refineries for tank cleaning and in other hazardous material handling applications. Ideal for use in the most severe environmental conditions, these rugged units set the standard in transportable, extended duration life support systems. Due to the construction, each compressor can be craned and the diesel versions are street-legal.

Safe operation by the use of a reserve system

Each of the PAS MAC2000, 4000 and 8000 units incorporate a “fail-safe” system as standard. Sounding an alarm in the event of failure, they automatically switch to an onboard cylinder reserve system. In line with current health and safety requirements for diesel engines in hazardous areas, such as EN 1834-1:2000 and the need to prevent ignition of combustible materials, both diesel driven compressors are fitted with a Chalwyn shut-off valve and spark arrestor as standard.

Continuous breathing quality air acc. to EN 12021

In order to check the quality of breathing air from a compressor the product families Dräger Aerotest and Dräger Air Tester ranges provide an efficient method for the detection of toxic gases in dispersed compressed air. The standard version of the PAS MAC4000 and 8000 is already equipped with a membrane dryer dehumidifying the breathing air. For additional safety regarding purity of breathing air both versions can alternatively be equipped with a pressure swing dryer for the suppression of CO and CO2 and for drying the air.

Electric (ATEX option) and diesel driven versions

Simple to maneuver to wherever a constant supply of breathing quality air is required, the range comprises two electrically driven units (optionally as ATEX version for use in explosive atmospheres) with outputs from 185 to 425 l/min and two diesel driven compressors with outputs from 710 to 1,710 l/min. Designed to minimize the effects on the environment, each model retains any oil-contaminated residue, and the two diesel units meet the requirements of EC 2000/14/EC for noise levels.

Flexible in use

 Easily configured to suit specific user requirements, each unit can be quickly connected to any Dräger breathing apparatus and airline equipment including chemical protection suits fitted with ventilation systems.

Four models to suit every application

The mobile breathing air compressors are available in the versions PAS MAC1000, 2000, 4000 and 8000. A more detailed description of the different models can be found under “Options”.


Product Datasheet Engineered for Safety