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Dräger REGIS® 300 and 500

The boards REGIS® 300 and 500 enable the incident manager to keep track of respiratory equipment wearers and their deployment time.

Thanks to an automatic intermediate alarm, monitoring can be combined with other tasks. In co-usage with the external tracer, distances of up to 40 m are possible.


Simultaneous monitoring of three teams

With Dräger REGIS, the incident manager is able to monitor up to three teams simultaneously, with up to three wearers per team. Easy to read displays with countdown timers inform about the remaining deployment time. The displays of both boards are illuminated with the touch of a button to ensure all important data is easy to see even in difficult conditions.

More safety with intermediate alarms

A continuous beep is emitted once the deployment time of a team is over. To aid with assigning the right alarm with the right team, the corresponding LED flashes. The acoustic and visual alarm tracer also emits an alert after 1/3 and 2/3 of the deployment time has expired.

External tracer for more ease of movement

Some incidents require that the person performing the monitoring must leave the vicinity of the board. In these cases, a highly visible external tracer can be combined with the board as an additional module. The built-in transmitter reliably relays any alarm signals emitted by the monitoring board to the external tracer for a distance of up to 40 meters.

Full deployment monitoring with simple documentation

Name of the equipment wearer, cylinder pressure at the beginning of the deployment, air supply, start and end of deployment time, as well as location: A clip attached to the board holds a sheet for entering all necessary data. The person performing the monitoring can later detach and file this sheet as needed. Name tags can be attached with snap hooks to the lower end of the board for help in visualizing the team members. The color of the tags also provides information about the type of respirators used.

REGIS 500: Coding plugs for different applications

The deployment time may be shorter or longer depending on the type of respirator used. With the coding plugs for standard and short time respiratory protective devices, extended time respiratory protective device, or closed-cycle respiratory protective devices, the monitoring board panel can adjust automatically to a specific deployment time between 25 and 120 minutes. Simply insert the coding plugs into the corresponding slots and the countdown starts automatically.

Other advantages of the REGIS 300

‒ Three backlit displays

‒ Digital clock for real-time display

‒ Customisable deployment time

‒ Deployment time with negative sign starting at 0 minutes on display

‒ Made from durable plastic Benefits Dräger REGIS® 300 and 500 | 03

‒ Corner protectors made of rubber

‒ Labeling field with intuitive symbols

‒ Clip to hold sheets and pen

Other advantages of the REGIS 500

‒ Integrated Digital clock for real-time display

‒ Additional intermediate alarm at deployment halftime and remaining time of 10, 5, and 0 minutes

‒ Large backlit display

‒ Rubber edge protectors on side and pen holder


Product Datasheet Engineered for Safety