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WINKEL Rubber Black Super Glue

WINKEL PRO RUBBER BLACK is a black colored, cyanoacrylate based fast adhesive with high moisture resistance, flexible structure, resistant to shock, impact and peeling. It is not absorbed uncontrolled in paper and cardboard materials. Thanks to its deep black color, it is used for bonding black parts, especially in model assembly, interior equipment of vehicles and repair of all kinds of plastics.


Additional information

Usage: The metal surfaces to be bonded must be dry, free from oil, dirt, grease and other contaminants. Surface cleaning with WINKEL PRO Fast Cleaner is recommended; In this way, the result obtained from the bonding process will be optimized. Apply WINKEL PRO RUBBER BLACK to the spaces to be filled, assemble and assemble the parts and do not move them during the first holding time. The complete drying time of the product is 24 hours. Please consult our technical team for PP, PE etc. surfaces with adhesion difficulties.