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New SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7

IMO announced the new Solas XI-1/7 Regulation to enter in force as of 1st July 2016.
It contains guidelines to facilitate the selection of portable atmosphere testing instruments for enclosed spaces.

These Guidelines refer to the instrument that is used to test the atmosphere in an enclosed space before entry and at appropriate intervals thereafter until all work is completed. The instrument should be capable of remote sampling and detection for all gases that it is designed for, without interference from the atmosphere or other characteristics of the intervening space.

The atmosphere in any enclosed space may be oxygen-deficient or oxygen-enriched and/or contain flammable and/or toxic gases or vapors. Such unsafe atmospheres could also subsequently occur in a space previously found to be safe. Unsafe atmospheres may also be present in spaces adjacent to those spaces where a hazard is known to be present.

Read the regulation as it was published by IMO: 

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