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Winkel Aluminum Spray

It provides heat-resistant corrosion protection for metal surfaces. Allows excellent protection for corrosion with long lasting effect. It has more than 90% layered zinc compounds and temperature resistant up to approximately  600 ° C. It can be used for protection against corrosion in industrial areas, protection in heating, cooling and ventilation systems, repair of galvanized parts.

Winkel Contact Spray

It is a versatile spray among organic grease solvents. Used for cleaning electronic cards and sockets. Prevents the build-up of oxides or dirt on the surfaces of fuses and cable connectors. It provides smooth flow of electricity and has a dissolving effect.

Winkel Corrosion Protection Spray

It provides corrosion protection of processed metal surfaces. It is used for long-term protection in workshops, precision equipment, measuring instruments, electrical equipment and in stock-carrying enterprises. Repels water and moisture from surfaces due to high penetration effect. Refined high quality mineral oil without versatile infiltrated moisture, oil, silicon additives and flammable gas mixture in solvents. It is also used in closing mechanisms, ropes, cylinders, locks and hinges, etc.

Winkel General Cleaning Spray

It is a high active cleaning spray. It cleans oil, dirt, soot and resin on all metals, glass, ceramics and wood quickly and without any trace. Special cleaner for oily machine parts, disc brakes and brake parts, highly active as an intensive cleaning effect. It is fast and comprehensive. Does not contain residue and does not corrode. It can also be used for cleaning ventilation systems, chains and brakes but not suitable for plastic and rubber.

Winkel Hand Cleaning Cream

It is a biodegradable hand cleansing cream that cleans the most stubborn dirt, oil, tar, coal grinding dust and residue. It is an alkaline-free and solvent-free hand cleaner with dermatologically safe ingredients. It provides deep pore cleaning thanks to the fine particles it contains. Provides highly effective deep cleansing and moisturizing.

WINKEL Rubber Black Super Glue

WINKEL PRO RUBBER BLACK is a black colored, cyanoacrylate based fast adhesive with high moisture resistance, flexible structure, resistant to shock, impact and peeling. It is not absorbed uncontrolled in paper and cardboard materials. Thanks to its deep black color, it is used for bonding black parts, especially in model assembly, interior equipment of vehicles and repair of all kinds of plastics.