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Dräger Civil Defense Set

In today’s world immediate and accurate detection of toxic chemical agents is crucial.

Dräger has developed an important new detection system not available from any other manufacturer – specialized sets that detect up to five different chemical agents simultaneously – in just five minutes.


Easy handling

The air to be tested is simply inducted via an adapter with a gas sampling pump through five different Dräger tubes with direct indication simultaneously.

Low cost

The CDS is a very cost-effective option for the detection of chemical warfare agents – especially when compared to the alternative instrumental analytical measuring systems.

Immediate evaluation

The measuring result is indicated after only five minutes – this may save precious time.

Minimum training required

The method can be learned and practiced in a short time. Corresponding training sets are available.

Usable everywhere

Because the CDS can be operated with a hand pump, no additional power supply is required. The test can therefore be used without difficulty in most situations. No calibration No calibration is required.


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