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Dräger GS3

​Locating leaks often proves to be very demanding due to locations that are difficult to access. This is where the Dräger GS3 leakage detector comes in.

As it is no larger than a ballpoint pen, even hard-to-reach places are no problem. The detector for flammable gases such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas detects even the smallest of leaks, indicated by a visual and acoustic alarm signal.


Rapid leak detection

The handy Dräger GS3 is quick to respond to flammable gases such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, propane or butane. It reliably detects even the smallest leaks. For example, for methane the sensitivity is below 50 ppm with a detection range of 10,000 ppm. In addition to pipes, this also allows containers and closed circuits to be tested for leaks.

Leak detector the size of a pen

Because the Dräger GS3 is the size of a ballpoint pen, it fits into any shirt pocket and can be easily stored and transported by the user. Its protective pouch also allows it to be easily attached to a belt and protects it against impacts.

Alarm function

To ensure no alarm goes unnoticed, the Dräger GS3 also features a visual alarm with blue flashing LEDs, in addition to an acoustic signal.

Simple operation and handling.

The Dräger GS3 is self-explanatory and easy to operate. Its light weight of only about 50 g makes it particularly comfortable to use.

No maintenance required

The Dräger GS3 calibrates itself automatically each time it is restarted. Since it calibrates itself automatically, maintenance is not necessary.

Simple operation

The Dräger GS3 is self-explanatory and very easy to use thanks to its 1-button operation and handy size. By rapprochement to a leak and increasing gas concentration, the flashing and ticking rate will increase. By removing from a leak and decreasing gas concentration the signals will become slower. If the concentrations become smaller, the measuring range is automatically adjusted. The Dräger GS3 switches off automatically after 10 minutes of idle time.

Leaks can also easily be detected in hard-to-reach places

Thanks to its small size, leakage locations can also quickly and easily be detected in hard-to-reach places.

Inspection of gas systems

In addition to piping, the Dräger GS3 also allows containers and closed circuits to be tested for leaks. Even gas systems in camping areas, e.g. in caravans, can be checked with the small gas sleuth.

Performance testing

With the Dräger GS3, performance testing can be carried out quickly and easily with a standard lighter.


The Dräger GS3 comes with a 24-month warranty.