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Dräger Panorama® Nova

The respiratory mask Panorama® Nova meets the highest standards of protection, sealing and quality.

For decades proven worldwide, the full face mask represents absolute reliability in the protection of the respiratory tract and eyes.


The right solution for every application

Working with hazardous materials is a challenge for people and technology. Combined with appropriate filters, airline systems or self-contained breathing apparatus, the respiratory mask Panorama Nova is a reliable and safe system. If the contaminants are known and if enough oxygen is available, the Panorama Nova together with the Dräger filter program offers reliable protection. In conjunction with a self-contained breathing apparatus or airline system, it also allows use of the Dräger Panorama Nova independent of the ambient atmosphere.

Secure fit and wearing comfort

The mask body of the Panorama Nova is made from EPDM or silicone which is especially gentle on skin. It remains extremely flexible at both high and low temperatures. Its double sealing frame and triple face seal provide a secure and comfortable fit for almost all face shapes. Thanks to the universal size, logistics and storage are greatly simplified. Alternatively, the Panorama Nova is also available with Supra adapters for use as mask-helmet-combination with helmets of the Dräger HPS series.

Clear panoramic view even during prolonged use

The distortion-free visor is optionally made of impact resistant polycarbonate or of chemical-resistant triplex. The 180° wide angle offers a nearly unrestricted field of view. The intelligent ventilation system ensures a mist-free visor.

Diverse accessories and easy maintenance

The wide range of accessories turns the Panorama Nova into a versatile application device. The high-quality materials of the Panorama Nova are easy to clean and maintain. Its high-quality workmanship ensures a long service life and thus long-term cost savings.


Product Datasheet How to Disinfect IFU SP Manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures