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Dräger REGARD®-1

The Dräger RVP 5000 is a high resolution 8.4″ touch panel for central visualization and data processing of gas concentrations from the Dräger REGARD central unit.


Dräger RVP 5000

The Dräger RVP 5000 enables visualization of gas concentrations from a Dräger REGARD central unit with
up to 99 channels and is ready for use following minimal configuration. The Dräger RVP 5000 is an extremely
efficient and cost-effective solution for visualization and analysis and can be used as a communications
interface to higher-level control systems.


Gas concentrations can be displayed in the form of a table, individual bar graph or individual trend. All relevant
data are recorded and displayed in detail online:
‒ gas name, gas type and measuring range
‒ gas concentration
‒ alarms
‒ faults

Display of alarm history and events

Alarms and events can be retrieved easily. A certified sequence-of-event (SoE) recorder allows synchronization
of time between the process control system and the panel to set a time stamp. This means that the processes
and messages that occur during an event can be precisely analyzed.

Data logger (option)

The data logger can be used to record measured values, events and protocols of system changes over a period
of 31 days for the purposes of documentation. For user convenience, data are output on a CompactFlash® card
or via a USB port and can be further processed on another program, e.g. Microsoft® Excel.

Web interface (option)

The web interface can be integrated into the local network and conveniently accessed via a web browser.
Remote access functionality means that all functions of the Dräger RVP 5000 can be accessed, viewed and
operated anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Network connection (option)

To meet specific customer requirements, other interfaces to higher-level control systems and company
networks can be integrated via, for example, Modbus. On request, several touch panels can be interlinked or
the Dräger RVP 5000 connected to external systems.



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