Dräger RVP 3900 Visualization panel

The Dräger RVP 3900 is a high resolution 8,4″ Touchpanel for central visualisation and data processing of gas concentration from the central units: Dräger REGARD 3900 and Dräger REGARD 3910. The Dräger RVP 3900 allows the visualisation for up to 128 channels out of maximal 8 Dräger REGARD 3900/3910 gas detection systems. The Dräger RVP 3900 is Plug and Play compatible and no configuration is required. The Dräger RVP 3900 is a very efficient and economic solution for visualisation, analysis and summarisation of gas detection systems.

Categories: All Products, Controllers, Gas Detection Stationary, Personal Protection Equipment.
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