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Dräger Sampling Tubes and Systems

The Dräger Sampling Tubes and Systems are very reliable in use even with complex compounds and mixtures of substances.


Accurate and reliable results

The hazardous substances in the air are collected using a suitable medium – such as activated charcoal, silica gel or molecular sieves. The sample is then analyzed in a laboratory with the aid of instrumental analysis. The sampling process is conducted either actively with a manual Dräger accuro or automatic Dräger-Tube pump Xact 5000, or passively via a diffusion sampler.

Suitable for complex cases

The Dräger Sampling Tubes and Systems allow to identify and measure different substances even under difficult conditions. This applies especially to very complex mixtures of substances or cases in which several similar substances are present at the same time.

Advantages of passive sampling

‒ Low price since no additional sampling equipment is required

‒ Long-term sampling does not require any preparation of the room

‒ Low determination and detection limits

‒ Fluctuations of concentration are integrated into the measurement result

‒ Overview measurements as well as surveillance of limit values

Advantages of active sampling

‒ Accumulation of substances in large amount of air within short time

‒ Low determination and detection limits


Handbook for Dräger-Tubes and MicroTubes A laboratory behind glass DRÄGER-TUBES