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Dräger UCF® FireCore

​The Dräger UCF® FireCore hands-free thermal imaging camera gives you a permanent vision of your immediate surroundings, even under the toughest conditions. That allows you to orientate yourself more quickly and safely, while also improving your situational awareness.


High level of flexibility
No matter whether you are crawling or climbing stairs, you always have a complete overview, because the camera angle is flexiby adjustable. This reduces physical strain, such as neck pain.

Thermal imaging camera is easily detachable
Especially when firefighting you often need to enter areas that are difficult to access. The UCF® FireCore makes it easier to manouevre, because you can simply detach it to capture a view of what is waiting in hard to reach areas. That gives you even better situational awareness.

Ease of use
The UCF® FireCore is very easy to handle and operate. It was designed for maximum usability. The UCF® FireCore is coupled with the FPS® IMD within a few seconds by briefly holding the two components next to each other. This also enables you to quickly hand over the thermal imaging camera to one of your teammates to use.


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