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Pneumatic Line Thrower – BLT 250

The BLT 250 pneumatic line thrower is an advanced system which throws projectiles using the power of compressed air. Therefore it can be air-transferred as a simple cargo.
It has one main body (launcher) & four easily reloaded projectiles, it meets the demands of SOLAS / IMO regulation 74 / 83 and is approved by RINA.

Additional information

Technical Data:

Throwing Unit 8,3kg /165cm
Projectile 2,1kg /100cm
Total Unit 10,4kg /175cm
Bag Size: 105 x 22 x 20cm, 21kg
Shooting Chamber Pressure: 65 bar
Average Nozzle Velocity: 50,6m/s
Maximum Recoil: 5400N
Minimum Shots: 4 projectiles
Pressure: 200 bar
Volume: 2 liters


Product Datasheet