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Dräger Alcotest® 7000

​The Dräger Alcotest® 7000 sets new standards in alcohol test devices. Its benefits include a wider temperature- and measuring range, low maintenance requirements and various networking options.

In addition, the device can perform alcohol tests via both a mouthpiece and a funnel. Reliable alcohol tests have never been so fast, simple and efficient.


Only one calibration per year
​Typically alcohol testing devices have to be calibrated every six months. Thanks to its exceptional measurement stability, the Dräger Alcotest® 7000 only needs calibrating every 12 months. As a result, you only have to collect, send off and then re-issue your alcohol testers once a year. This saves time and, above all, money.

Two measurement methods in one device
​Alongside the classic test using a mouthpiece, with the Alcotest 7000 you can also carry out tests using a funnel attachment. This enables you to complete a large number of alcohol tests in a very short span of time: time-saving, cost-effective and hygienic. The funnel-based test gives you an initial indication as to whether or not alcohol is present in the subject’s breath. If the answer is yes, you simply press a button to switch over to the mouthpiece-based test mode. The following test then shows you the actual level of alcohol in the subject’s breath.

Wide temperature range
​With the Alcotest 7000 you can take reliable measurements even in extreme temperatures. The alcohol tester’s patented heating system and high-quality materials ensure dependable results in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +55 °C.

Network-connected solutions
​The built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy technology offers you energy-saving, digital connectivity for the device and its data. This has many advantages: For example, the wireless connection of the alcohol tester to the Dräger BT Mobile Printer enables you to print out test results from a distance of up to 15 meters.

In addition, our software solution “Dräger add” facilitates a range of processes – e.g. the documentation of the measuring data on site.

Dräger’s Service Connect software enables you to download measurement data and much more. You can also connect the Alcotest 7000 directly to a computer with a USB-C cable to read out just the test results.

High alcohol-detection limits
​The increased performance capacity of the Alcotest 7000 also includes its measurement range. The maximum blood-alcohol limit that can be set with this alcohol testing device is as high as 3 mg/l. If this measurement range limit is exceeded, the display will tell you.

The Alcotest Hygiene Plus
​Hygiene is an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Dräger Alcotest breath-alcohol detection devices use non-invasive measuring technologies with a high degree of hygiene – for the user as well as the test subject – thanks to the following features:

During testing, the exhaled air is directed past rather than through the device
There is a 90° angle between the user and the test subject during testing
Disposable mouthpieces and funnel attachments are individually packaged
Benefits of the Slide ’n’ Click mouthpieces:
safe, hygienic distance between user and test subject
spacer prevents direct contact between lips and device
mouthpiece is easy to remove
the non-return valve prevents inhalation of air through mouthpiece
Benefits of the replaceable funnel attachment:
no body contact with the test subject
blocks backflow of the test subject’s own exhaled air, which prevents intake of potential pathogens from previous test subjects
The threaded attachment point attaches to an ordinary selfie stick (sold separately), creating even more space between user and test subject


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