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Dräger simultaneous test sets

Risks and potential dangers at a glance: The SimultanTest Sets allow the measurement of five different gases at the same time.


Dräger Simultaneous Test Set

Parallel measurement of five gases
Air is simultaneously drawn with Dräger-Tube pump
For different combinations of organic and inorganic gases
Several different simultaneous test sets available

Simultaneous measurement

In the SimultanTest Set, five Dräger-Tubes are arranged next to each other in a stable rubber sleeve. The air to be monitored is simultaneously drawn in through the tubes by a Dräger-Tube pump. Quick determinations are made about the presence of dangerous substances at TLV levels.

System solution

As the SimultanTest Set is a system solution for which special Dräger-Tubes have been developed, the replacement with other Dräger-Tubes is not possible.

Fast results

The device delivers fast and reliable results for different combinations of organic and inorganic gases.



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